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Meet the Poodles

Mn Poodles with Standards was established in 2019 with Havanna Ooh-na-na and Alfred the Red Teddybear and they have had amazing black, blue and red puppies. 


Through the years it has become our passion to breed and raise puppies that are not only amazing breed standard poodles, but also amazing companions and service dogs.  With the addition of Carbon and Who? we anticipate some amazing puppies with temperaments to match! 

Havanna Ooh-na-na

Havanna Ooh-Na-Na is the queen of our home raised pack. She is a magnificent 65 lbs. blue standard that is crazy intelligent with amazing agility capabilities. She loves to scent search, play with her ball, and climb trees. Most of all she is very focused on her human companions and is known for her ability to provide the perfect level of support and stability needed for any situation. Havanna was born on Nov. 21, 2017. She is AKC and UKC registered. DNA health and trait tested and OFA certified. 



Carbon is a smaller 46 lbs. black female standard born on Sept. 12th, 2019, with tons of personality. She is our princess, and we often call her Carb-erella! Lol. She's highly intelligent and loves agility exercises, especially if it involves jumping. She is a master in the art of the tennis ball! Carbon is highly focused and will do whatever she can to please her humans.

She is AKC and UKC registered with Certified OFA.s and full DNA health and trait testing completed.

24874 (1).jpeg


Who? was born on March 17, 2021, and is the newest addition to our family. Who? is incredibly loving, smart, and is as sweet as a watermelon on the vine in the peak of summer!! His Sire is an International Champion and working Service Dog from a long line of Service Dogs with an amazing temperament. Who? has also been evaluated, tested and qualifies for service dog capability. Who? is AKC and UKC registered and fully DNA health and trait tested. He also has his preliminary OFA.s completed.



Alfred known as "Alf" is a gorgeous red standard born on March 16th, 2018. He truly is a 68-pound huggable and lovable teddy bear!! He loves to please his family and play with his poodle house mates. Not only is he highly photogenic but is also the best puppy daddy I've ever seen or have heard about! When mom allows, he enjoys stimulating and cleaning them and even snuggles with them when mom wants a break. 




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